About climate equity

Justice or equity?

The fate of the camel and the mouse

A camel and a mouse agreed: “It is the elitist thinking of today that disturbs the coexistence of animals.

Equal rights for all! Equal for all!”

They were also prepared to stand up for this in word and deed.

One day, when they were both thirsty at the same time, they were given water.

Both died.

The camel because it had received the mouse’s water ration.

The mouse because it drowned in the camel’s water ration.

Defining climate equity

In addition to the previous definitions about climate justice, the term climate equity has gained more and more attention.

Rosa Manzo (19.03.21; IUCN, retrieved 07.07.21) poses the term equity and the challenge of an inclusive and transparent negotiation process.

“Equity is a central element to the climate change problem. it corresponds to the complexity of the problem and it attempts to address the inherent unfairness of the problem: it is multifaceted by addressing several issues.

A call for an equitable climate change regime ties together a group of issues that invoke equity:

First, equity comes to the fore to protect the most vulnerable people from adverse effects of global warming;

second to provide distributive justice among the present generations, as well as the future generations; third, equity is invoked to ensure an inclusive and transparent negotiation process.

So far, the principle of equity has been interpreted synonymously with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDR/RC). The adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement challenges the common understanding of the principle of equity in the climate change regime.”

What do we mean by inclusive and transparent negotiation processes?

How does negotiation regarding to climate change mitigation, adaptation and climate justice look like in your country and globally?

Source of the Graph: Negotiations

If you are wondering about the difference between equality, equity and justice, one image tells more than 1000 words.

Source of the Graph: Differences between iguality, equity and justice

Please, read Rosa Manzo’s article here:


For a deeper understanding of the Climate Equity approach, the publication “Building Climate Equity” from the World Resources Institute provides a general insight about and examples regarding different topics.