Analyzing the situation by levels of change (PENDING!!!)

The following video explains how you can organize the information you are collecting about the situation you want to change by level of change.

Please, watch the following video, realise the exercise at the end of the video and send it to your facilitator.


Based on your initiative or project idea, elaborate a first description of the current situation by level of change.


Let’s revisit the cow parable.

First, we make assumptions about the current situation by level of change starting from the top to the bottom.

Then we confirm or refuse these assumptions with data we have been collecting:

This is a very easy way to document all the analysis you have done with the previous tool.

If you elaborate a summary like this, the following step – defining your theory of change – will be really easy.

And the most important part, it will be supported with data and an in-depth analysis.

Building bridges between analysis and theory of change

So, here we are building bridges between the analysis – our understanding of the current state and challenges of the situation we want to change – and the mapping of pathways towards sustainability.

Sometimes, you may not have time for an in-depth analysis. May be a donor offers you an opportunity to apply for funding and you need to present a profile today. So, this table is very useful as a short cut.