Co-creating new change stories around our camp fire

Collective creativity is key to figure out new solutions to overcome the intention – behavior gap.

Please, use this storytelling exercise with your team or project participants to create new narratives and ideas collectively and in a very funny and joyful way.

Step 1: Chose one behavior change who wold like to achieve (end of the story) and the corresponding competency (starting point of this story.

Step 2: You start explaining that you already achieved that “people are aware about their carbon foot print and are willting to change their habits” and you want to nudge them to definitively “change their habits and even influence others to do so as well”

Step 3: You pass the “red thread” of the story to the person sitting on your left side and ask her to think about a creative way to nudge and/or support people to move towards the desired behavior changes.

Step 4: Once the first participant has finished with her/his part of the story, he/she passes the thread to the next participant. The next one has to build on the previous part of the story.

Step 5: You continue in the same way until the behavior change is achieved.

Motivate the participants to think out of the box.

If you have a small group you can make 2 or 3 rounds.