Overview and assignments

In this module, we will strengthen our competencies regarding the identification of indicators.

For that, we will address the following topics:

  • What are indicators?
  • The relevance of indicators
  • Changes perceived from a diversity of perspectives
  • Quality criteria for good indicators
  • How to define indicators?
  • Indicators of cross-cutting approaches
  • Examples and references

The assignments for this module are:

  • Refine your pathway to sustainability
  • Define indicators for the following levels of change:
    • Individual behaviors, practices and routines and inter individual interactions
    • Collective practices and performance (optional)
    • Well-being of people and planet (optional)
  • Start at the level of individual behaviors, practices and routines
  • Then you can move towards the top until the level of wellbeing (optional).
  • Share the refined pathway to sustainability and the corresponding indicators with your team giving and receiving feedback.

Looking forward to see your indicators.