Starting with the end of this module

Before we start with the first trail stage of our learning journey, let’s have a look what we may include in our backpack of competencies once we have finalized module 1.

Technical-theoretical competencies

  • Analyse key concepts of climate mitigation, climate adaptation and climate justice and their linkages to sustainability, SDGs, the “great transformation”, complexity and resilience from different entry points and dimensions 
  • Know the phases of team building and the corresponding measures to take care of (desirable)

Social-emotional competencies

  • Build trust among group and learning team members the team and/or network members.
  • Use generative listening with peers.

Methodological-organizational competencies

  • Relate key concepts of sustainability, SDGs, complexity and resilience with their sustainable development projects and contexts. 
  • Identify areas of improvement regarding the key concepts of this module in their projects.
  • Be aware about the potential to assume different roles in the team or network.
  • Facilitate the distribution of roles in the team or network.

Change competencies

  • Develop motivation for further exploration of key concepts.
  • Show openness, interest and respect to the diversity of team and network members.