The next phase in the U-process is crystallising.

  • What has become perceptible and visible in the presencing phase and wants to take shape?
  • What is crystallising?

The ideas and thoughts that emerged during presencing are characterised by a high degree of inner connection. They are full of energy, they are significant for those involved and they want to be implemented. Even if an idea is still very vague: it feels as if it is no longer being driven by us, but as if it is pulling us.

What pulls us here does not necessarily have to be earth-shattering, visionary or ingeniously new. More importantly, it has meaning now and people are willing to “put themselves at the service of it”, want to explore it and get to know it. What does this phase need? This is about entering into conversation and literally shaping what has been revealed in the presencing. It is a creative phase in which first sketches emerge that will increasingly take shape and form.

At the beginning, much is usually still unclear here, so that support is needed to bring out what is wafting or hidden in the fog. For us, the “thinking hands” are then a helpful catalyst. This means that we like to work here with non-verbal (analogue) methods such as painting, kneading, drawing, gluing, building… in order to give expression to our inner knowledge through our hands and thus let the topics become more specific. “Let yourself be surprised” is perhaps the appropriate motto for this.