Where are we now in this change process?

During the past weeks:

  • you started “downloading” what you know and feel regarding to the topic of climate justice, exploring the negative and positive aspects and started identifying new ideas about how to address it with the “6 thinking hats” too;
  • you have been learning about or reinforcing some theoretical approaches related to sustainability and climate justice;
  • you got a deeper understanding about the situation you want to change by collecting and analysing data, mapping stakeholders and understanding better the positions, interests and needs of the key stakeholders, among other topics;
  • you designed our pathways towards sustainability with emphasis on climate justice;
  • you designed indicators to define the concrete changes we intend to achieve.;
  • you also found additional information about how to unpack these indicators which is useful to get a better idea about your concrete interventions and how to measure the changes you achieve.

Taking another look on the Theory U-based change process, we went basically through the following phases:

Now, we quickly will approach the “Sensing” phase and then we will build the bridges to the future by a Presencing exercise which helps us to clarify what we need to let go of and what we need to let come in order to make reality of the pathway you designed based.

Even if you are the promotor of your initiative, generally, you will work together with other people, you will facilitate the co-creating process with a team and/or work with different stakeholders. So, it is also important to improve your facilitation competences which means broadening your knowledge about change processes, integrating new methods, skills and tools to your facilitator back-pack and being aware about key attitudes while adopting your facilitator role you need to revisit again and again.